Frequently Asked Questions

I have financial aid, why do I have a balance?

You may have some outstanding financial aid requirements OR you have a balance because your charges exceed your financial aid.

When is the payment deadline?

Payment in full or payment arrangements need to be made prior to the start of classes for the semester. You will incur a deferred payment fee for the semester if this is not done by the 4th week of classes.

I have been offered a loan, how do I accept it?

You can accept and review your loan offers through the Student Connection:

  1. Visit the Loan Information Page or view the Instructions Document.

  2. Click on Self Service Banner under Step 2 of the What to Do With Loans section.

  3. Select the aid year and click Submit.

  4. Click the Accept Award Offer tab.

  5. Make your Selections.

What is my loan aggregate?

This is the total amount you have borrowed in Federal Student Loans. The total includes loans used at all schools you have attended. Visit the following federal website to gain more information about your student loans:

Why is SAP Status is not showing on my dashboard?

Your SAP status is not showing on your dashboard because you have not attended the most recent semester.   To view your current SAP status, please review your degree plan by clicking here.

How do I get to the payment center?

Once you confirm your enrollment for each semester, you can view your charges and make payments through the Student Payment Center.

What payment methods are accepted?

Online: Within the Student Payment Center you may pay via a debit or credit card (2.85% convenience fee applies). To avoid a fee, please pay with your checking or savings account using a routing and account number. 

Over the phone:  Debit and Credit card payments are accepted over the phone (3% convenience fee applies). Please call 800-266-6158 to make a payment.

Mail and In-person: We will accept checks and money orders. Please include your student ID number on payments.

Mailing Address 
Davenport University
Attn: Accounts Receivable
6191 Kraft Avenue
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

*All payments must be made in US funds. To make a payment from a foreign bank account, please use Flywire.

What do I do if I don't see my scholarship or loan in my current account status?

Contact your Student Financial Services Counselor at 866-774-0004 or

How do I know if I have more direct loan eligibility?

Davenport awards students based on the maximum loan eligibility allowed by the U.S. Department of Education.  Most students have either subsidized or unsubsidized loan eligibility. Students often will have both loans. If, however, you do not see an unsubsidized loan on your financial aid award, contact a Student Financial Services Counselor at 866-774-0004 to discuss your options.

What are my options if my Financial Aid does not cover my balance?

If you have a balance after financial aid is applied, you can pay your bill in full, set up a payment plan or you may be eligible to apply for loans.

My employer pays for my tuition, how do I submit my voucher?

Submit your tuition assistance documentation to 


Will accepting a loan affect my scholarships or other financial aid?

The Student Financial Services Office awards offered loans after other gift aid (scholarships and grants) have been awarded.  Accepting your loans will not lower gift aid. Accepting loans changes the status of the loan so that it will decrease your account balance.

Where is my partnership tuition grant?

To receive your tuition grant or discount, we must first receive your documentation to confirm proof of eligibility. Please read about the partnership tuition grants here. State of Michigan students must submit documentation via reply email to the request received after you have requested the discount or email directly to All other partnerships can use the upload tool on the application page or email directly to You can see if your discount has already been applied by viewing your detailed account information.


How do I set up a payment plan or make a payment?

Once you have confirmed your enrollment, you can make a payment or set up a payment plan through the Student Payment Center.

What happens if my classes are dropped?

You can re-enroll by contacting your advisor, However, you may not have the same schedule due to your previously scheduled class(es) being full.

What if I am using Military benefits?

Benefit documentation must be submitted to the school. The most common are:

  • Federal Tuition Assistance: Submit approved FTA forms to

  • MINGSTAP: Davenport will receive notification of students that have funding allocated to the university

  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is to be submitted to for the following, but not limited to:

    • Ch 1606 Montgomery GI Bill -Select Reserve (MGIB-SR)

    • Ch 30 Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB and MGIB-AD)

    • Ch 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill and Fry Scholarship

    • Ch 35 Dependents Educational Assistance

  •  Ch 31 Vocational Rehabilitation & Education (VR&E): VA case manager will submit a billing authorization to the university through Tungsten

For further assistance, please contact, your academic advisor, or your admissions rep.


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